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Our studio features a beautiful boutique where you can shop for  local, Canadian yoga props and products. You’ll find our branded practice tanks and hoodies here in a variety of sizes.


B-Mat which offer superior grip, cushioning, with a lightweight construction. Everyday 4mm mat allows for use it day in and day out for any type of practice you fancy. B MAT Strong 6mm offers a bit more comfort and support while the Traveller 2mm  is  thinner construction and lightweight design for the on-the-go yogi.


Love My Mat top quality and beautiful yoga & meditation props and bags. Made of local and organic ingredients that  include little to no packaging. Product line includes practice bolsters, straps, meditation cushions and eye pillows, plus yoga mat bags and totes.


We Positive: Yoga Truly is the exclusive retailer for We Positive genuine leather manta wrap bracelets in Grimsby. Each luxury wrap bracelet features a unique series of positive affirmations to repeat as you wear them. The bracelets are made in a variety of gorgeous colours, availability varies.

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