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Asana of the Month: Extended Triangle Pose

Extended Triangle Pose is a revitalizing posture that encompasses the entire body. It is a hip opener, core strengthener, side bend, twist, and heart opener. The posture requires complete physical and emotional balance of energy—the feet need to be grounded and weighted equally, balanced by the heart, and the hips (our emotional junk drawer) feeling secure enough to open. It requires you to confidently take up space on your mat and in the room to fully express the pose. Beginners and even advanced students often find this pose to be exceptionally challenging. Don’t feel compelled to push through the posture

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Student Story: Rebecca Taube

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing one of Yoga Truly’s teachers in training-Rebecca Taube. Rebecca is a joyful, carefree, and a wise 25-year-old woman who owns nothing more than a suitcase full of clothes and the three dogs she adores. Stirred by the quote by Gandhi, “Attachment is the root of all suffering”, which she read in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Rebecca made the bold decision to shed all of her possessions. She discovered that by discarding the clutter in her life she was able to make room for the things that really matter, the things she

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Teacher Feature: Elizabeth Huber

Unlike a lot of people, Elizabeth got an early start on her yogic journey. She recalls a neighbour giving her a book on yoga philosophy, “I just loved the connection with humanity, there was no angry God, it was all about connecting to people.” At age 11 she received Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar and began teaching herself the poses, “After practicing I used to feel so happy and joyful and I think I enjoyed it so much that it became my own religion. I thought if everyone practiced yoga there wouldn’t be fighting anymore”. When she was 16

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