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Corporate Yoga has become a wellness initiative gaining increasing support by many yoga teachers and employers. Many studies have shown structured mindfulness practices and small amounts of physical movement can lead to much more productive and enjoyable workplace environments.


Yoga Truly would like to participate in this initiative by bringing yoga to you and your place of work. We are already bringing yoga to school children to bring stress reducing movement breaks into their learning days. Yoga Truly has participated in many ‘out of studio’ yoga settings. We practice in parks, hospitals and nursing homes as well. Studio settings are preferable since we have the props most people require to experience the postures and practice, but we understand not always practical.




We would like to support your wellness committee’s goal of bringing yoga to your staff. We have certified, registered and insured yoga instructors that can visit your workplace within the Niagara Region. We can supply a small amount of yoga mats but ask that participants bring their own or the workplace supply chairs, many yoga poses and breathing techniques can be performed in your chair, right at your desk.


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Single Demo Class for 2-15 participants $100 / hour

Weekly lunchtime session $15 / participant (8 participant & 4 week commitment required)

*Participants will receive 10% off a studio 10 class pass following program completion.

*Wellness budgets can pay or subsidize this program to help staff participate if applicable

*Corporate Wellness coordinator receives FREE program participation


Create a Corporate Wellness Program for your staff and Team Members, e-mail Claire

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