Life is about balance at Yoga Truly

Sometimes we need guidance and help to keep our BODY, MIND and SPIRIT connected.


By appointment, the specialists in our Healing Clinic can offer you

Private &  Semi-Private Yoga

Private Yoga through Insurance Claims

Energy Balancing Therapy


Holistic Nutritional Consultation




Private Yoga Classes

If you’re new to yoga or prefer a more focused approach than our scheduled classes, join us for private classes. Private classes allows us to align your goals and intentions with a sequence of postures that will bring your physical and spiritual bodies to their highest potential. We will teach you the classical postures and techniques they require for optimal health and well being.
Available for adults and children, and those recovering from injury that require a therapeutic approach towards healing through movement, mindfulness and breathing techniques. Most insurance policies will cover claims considered catastrophic.

Semi-Private Yoga Classes

Yoga is great with friends. Semi-private yoga classes offers more fun and support when you bring your friends. We will schedule a time that works well with your schedule and design a practice specific to your requirements.
Available for adults and children and corporate groups.


Holistic Nutritional Consultation

Sessions are private, one on one, focusing on your personal goals and health needs.   This 60 minute consultation will centre on health history, dietary habits and lifestyle. You will be provided with a healthy, sensible nutrition and lifestyle plan as well as inspiration and education to help guide you.

$80 / hour

Holistic Nutritional Follow Up

This session is designed to discuss progress, obstacles and questions that you may have. It is our goal to assist you through the difficult times and offer helpful tips to achieve your personal goals.

$35 / 20 minutes


Energy Balancing Therapy

An initial 60 minute meeting to discuss particular concerns with the your physical or emotional self. We include a detailed evaluation of emotional, behavioural and nutritional elements to help you achieve balance in all aspects of your life. Therapy may involve manual manipulation and adjustments to your body. Follow up sessions may be advised as required.



Reiki Therapy

A 60 minute relaxing and stress relieving session. Reiki Therapy promotes healing by using hands on techniques to improve energy levels and remove blockages in all systems of the body.