Welcome to Yoga, Truly

We are often asked at the studio, where to begin… how to start a yoga practice. The simple answer is to stop everything else that you are doing. The stopping is not easy though. Begin by sitting. From the stopping and sitting and stillness, we will lead you. We will guide you though the flowing dance between the effort and ease, the coordination of the breath, the moving poses and quieting of the mind. Begin by sitting with us. New members always welcome & special pricing applies.

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Welcome To Yoga Truly

Guided Classes, Restorative Therapies & Yoga School YOGA We offer classes for all ages and abilities so that you are able to Release, Align, Connect and Move in ways that will serve you best. You will always be supported in your learning and movement practice here. If you are new to Yoga, find class descriptions to help you determine where to begin on our Yoga Class Tab above. If you are seeking a deeper connection to your practice, consider our Teacher Training program. LIVE WELL Everyone deserves balance. You do not have to be flexible, strong or enlightened to begin

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