Fitness Goals

The thing about fitness goals is that although they are often based in practicality and you are able to attain them, our minds or our schedules get in the way!

Yoga Truly offers realistic approaches to reducing your weight while increasing your bone density, muscle mass, flexibility and self control.


Vinyasa Yoga and Total Body Conditioning classes allow opportunities for your whole body to be involved in your fitness goals and enjoy the benefits. We offer supportive, well guided and demonstrated yoga and fitness classes. We are keenly aware of all students movements, ranges and poses to ensure safe and effective progress. We are community based and your success in meeting your goals is part of our practice.

Join us this June, we’ll help you intelligently set your goals and motivate you to meet them.

The Yoga Truly Fitness Challenge invites you to go ahead a grab a Monthly Unlimited Studio Pass this June. Attend all the drop in class you can, but make sure at least 3 of them are a combination of  Vinyasa Yoga and Total Body Conditioning. Follow our process to get yourself fully prepared for the summer of your life:

4 Weeks | 3 classes attended (min) |2 lbs lost per week (average) | 1 month to do it.

We provide the classes for you to get the results you want: