Grimsby Strong

Yoga teaches us to gracefully surrender that which is not meant for us and be open to new possibilities and beginnings.

We are so full of love! Our yoga family and entire community have filled us to the brim with support, encouragement and enthusiasm to let go of our beloved Yoga Truly Studio at 4 Main St. East in Grimsby which was involved in the big three alarm Grimsby fire of July 6 and rebuild. We have been offered many options, from dance and karate halls, our fellow yoga studios to gyms and schools. We are so grateful.

We are so happy to temporarily be able to move our studio to 18 Elizabeth St. and use the beautiful classroom and courtyard at Trail Ridge Montessori School. Our class schedule has changed a tiny bit, but is up to date. Please join us for hugs and practice and with open hearts we will all continue to evolve.

Classes at 18 Elizabeth St. will run from Monday July 17 – Sunday August 27, 2017.

We anticipate having a new permanent home to share with you for September.

Many people have asked us how we have remained so positive despite the fire and stress of rebuilding, it’s partly yoga, lots of movement to release the fear and trauma from our bodies, it’s party mindfulness and gratitude that no one was hurt and it’s mostly YOU. At no point have we felt alone. You are loved. Remember, life is not about finding answers, it is about learning to live gracefully throughout the midst of complete uncertainty.