Student Story: Marie Ruggiero

Marie Ruggiero joined Yoga Truly in May and shared with us why she has become a studio regular.

How long have you been practicing yoga?

I really just started seriously practicing yoga with Claire in May with the 3 month membership.

Why Yoga Truly?

I had an opportunity to see Claire in action at my school. She came to teach the small kids yoga and my office is right in the library, so I was able to listen in and watch a bit.  I just loved the progress that I was able to see with the kids. I had surgery last fall on my foot and I couldn’t do anything weight bearing for the longest time so I wanted something I could do that wouldn’t be really tough on my foot as I as getting back into the swing of things. I ended up reading that Claire had opened up her own studio so I thought, ‘I’ve gotta try this out, Ive gotta try yoga and see if that could be something that could help me get back into the swing of exercising’.

What kind of progress have you seen in yourself?

Definitely better joint mobility, I find I can really stretch.  I feel better, I can sleep better. I don’t have any issues with my back anymore. I haven’t been to see the chiropractor since I started yoga which is great. I had an issue with my right shoulder and I don’t anymore. I think all the deep stretching has helped, and I think the meditating has helped me be more calm. I’m not as stressed as I have normally been.

What advice would you give someone who is just starting out with yoga?

To give it a real good chance.  Definitely go for a month. I would advise getting an unlimited membership so you can go as often as you can. Do whatever you can.  If all you can do is bend and touch your knees, eventually you’ll be able to touch the floor, and you’ll start seeing the progress.  I would definitely recommend giving it a true chance and trying different instructors because they are all different. The instructors are thoughtful, they are helpful, they make sure you are in the pose the correct way and I feel the improvement every class that I go to. Accept that it’s a work in progress. You’re not competing with anyone. I’m not a competitive person but you might go in there and you might see that everyone is at this advanced level, but try to accept that you are where you are supposed to be right now and doing whatever you can do makes a better mindset, and makes you much more inspired with what you do accomplish.  With every class you’ll see improvement. I love it, I am a total yoga addict now.  It’s a lot of fun and I love the people who go to Yoga Truly.

What are your thoughts on stressing less and enjoying more?

I think we live in a society thats so busy all the time, that we’re always so stressed about what’s to come that living in the moment is something I think is important to do.  I think yoga helps you to centre yourself in the time thats you’re there.  It makes you realize as you go about your daily grind that you need go live more in the moment and accept the stress as a good stress and moving on from that.  If you’re living in that moment you can actually enjoy yourself.