Yoga & Kids

This month, three of our younger yogis, Alyssa, 12, who wants to be a competitive swimmer and yoga teacher; Maya, 11, who wants to be a musician; and Jordana, 9, who wants to be a teacher and yoga teacher share why they love yoga and their insights on how they use yoga in their everyday lives.

Q: Why do you come to yoga? And why do you love yoga?

M: Yoga makes me happy. I get excited for it when I’m at school because it makes me feel relaxed and i feel happy doing it.

J: It makes me believe in myself that I can do anything, I just have to breathe. At school if I’m having a hard time, it’s taught me I just have to believe in myself.

A: I look forward to yoga every thursday… everyday really, because it’s showed me that sometimes when I get angry at my family I can just breathe and I’ll calm down and talk normally again.

Q: What kind of distractions do you face at home or school and how do you use yoga to combat those distractions?

A: A lot really… electronics, family members… When I’m angry or upset I’ll go to my room and I’ll breathe for 5 minutes and that just calms me down.

M: This guy i have to sit beside at school is the most annoying dude in the whole universe so I get distracted and annoyed by him and his friends! When they annoy me I’ll remember to breathe and I’ll feel better in a few minutes.

J: I get distracted at lunchtime because everybody is loud and at home my two brothers cause a lot of trouble! I go up in my room and shut the door and I have a breathing ball and so I use that to help me breathe and I come out of my room and I’m all better.

Q: What does yoga mean to you?

J: Yoga means life to me.

M: Yoga means believing in myself and doing what others think I can’t.

A: I’d say it’s calming, and it means life and purity of mind.

Q: What would you say to someone who has never tried yoga before?

M: Yoga is relaxing and if you’re ever mad you can do 5 minutes and it’d make you feel better and the teachers are nice!

A: I love yoga and it can help you with so many different things and it calms me a lot and helps with anger and anxiety.

J: I love yoga and if you’re mad and struggling with something take a minute to breathe and relax!

Kids classes resume in the fall! Until then, there’s still a few spots left in our kids camp!